When you're on a creative path, you need to know how to let one thing lead to another.


That's how a penchant for gossip led me to a job talking on the radio, an obsession for chocolate turned me into a food reviewer, and a lifetime love of both pictures and words became a career as a writer, a teacher, an interactive digital producer, and the Chief Creative Officer of my own podcasting company, JAR Audio


Welcome to my personal site – where I keep track of my creative offerings. I hope you will journey with me. 






The Story From Hear

Together with creative collaborator, acoustic ethnographer Jenni Schine -- I offer summertime audio podcasting workshops for groups of individuals, communities, and organizations. To learn more - contact Jenni here


I have over 14 years' experience in writing, editing, and creating meaningful content for various media. I have worked in Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico and India...

I have always written down stories as they present themselves. Community stories, travel stories, true stories about the world around me...

Since 2011 I have been working in the field of interactive media, and have fully embraced the collaborative, iterative creative process  of interactive production...


Contrary to the notion that radio is 'dying,' I find it to be a vibrant, intimate creative field that brings people together - uniting them around a shared moment in time...

©2014 created by Jennifer Moss with thanks to Lisa Laird,  Sheona McDonald , (Dimestore.org) Tom Norman (KaPOW Creative)

Image sources: Dru Kennedy, Tyler Hagan, NFB Interactive


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