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Radio has been 'dying' for decades -- but despite all the dire predictions, the old girl just keeps on ticking. As a former morning show producer with Vancouver's upstart Roundhouse Radio,  and in my many years as a regular contributor and associate producer for CBC Radio, I saw plenty of evidence that radio is actually the most responsive, current, budget-friendly, flexible media there is. Nothing else has the power to unite a wide audience within a single, intimate moment the way radio does. And with the advent of podcasting - the equivalent of a scalpel-free facelift, I'd even venture to say Radio is looking younger these days. Call me a sentimentalist - but radio is my first love. She may be a tough old thing, but she has a heart of gold.  Here's just a smattering of the pieces I've made for CBC Radio. Hope you enjoy them. The rest are available either at Mossisnice on Soundcloud, or via the CBC Radio Archives


Interviewing artists in Vancouver's Downtown East Side for "Wild Art.' (CBC 2010)

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