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Growing up on the wet, west coast of Canada rooted me to my home, but also gave me a taste for travel – a need to know where all those ships were going. I spent my twenties and thirties discovering as much as I could about the world, studying Creative Writing at university, working a variety of jobs to make ends meet, and eventually becoming a parent, all the while scribbling away my observations and notes for future reference.

I am someone who will stand up and use my voice against injustice, be it on the streets or in social media, but I am also capable of diplomacy when called for. As journalist and documentary producer, I understand the imperative to objectively consider the issues, and have worked both sides of the union/management line. In storytelling, I find it's critical to understand implicit bias and work sensitively with different audiences and stakeholders. 

Part of the generation that was not born into computers but witnessed and took part in their meteoric rise, I work intimately with technology, but am able to view it in context, and translate between analogue and digital worlds with ease.  Above all, it is the ideas that matter. The challenge of finding the right technology and platform to best express an idea is one I enjoy.

Finally – I have always been most strongly motivated by story.  As a Creative Writing professor at the University of British Columbia, a Chief Creative Officer, and a professional writer in a variety of capacities, I am trained to root out a good story. Whether you have a corporate brand, an organizational mission, or a personal message you want to get across, the work starts with finding your story. This is where I can help. 


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